Friends Only

My lovely black eye from Lucas' change game is fading and I want to go out!! Yes, on a Tuesday. I'm going to cut a rug, who's bringing scissors?!
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Cute in the Grass

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Quinny, your brother Eamon and I went jogging today. I totally kicked his arse. It was awesome!

In other news, my mother hits London on Monday. DUNDUNDUN! Make sure you give the place a wide berth, Flynn and Dimitri. She might be incredibly embarrassing.

(Hi, Mam!)

I got my inevitable second cousins some presents! DESI! GET BIRTHING, I AM IMPATIENT!
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Look up Big Dress

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Tomorrow is my birthday!! And as a present, the peeps in my astronomy course named a star after me!!

There's an Evanna in the heavens!
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Friends Only

I miss Easter even though it was yesterday. Mam and Da came to visit and Duncan was even pleasant to be around. We had lunch at Caitlin's and Finian kept telling stories about his crazy friends. It was nice.

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Up close :|

Friends Only

I keep dreaming he comes for me. I don't want to leave the house in case people see me. In case he sees me.

I wasn't even with him for long. When I think what people like Kat have gotten through, I feel ridiculous. But I'm so scared. And Lee is wonderful and supportive and careful but still all I want to do is cry.
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Where my Body Lies, Grieve

Filtered to Mr A

Hey, Mr A? Thanks. For Jinx. I don't know what went on there and you know what? I don't need to if you don't want me to know. But thank you. 'Cause my cousin, Desi (the one with the red hair who's in Spectre's band and Ethereal Facade) she's like...she rescues people too. But she didn't get to Jinx. And if he had died...

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Filtered away from Dimitri

Okay so, my mother is fucking my father.

I know...WTF, right? And she says she misses him and she wants to try to make it work again. Which GOOD maybe she's over her midlife crisis. I'd be thrilled (for her, not so much for him) except...


The woman he loved died, and now this and he doesn't know and he's become very fond and ARGH this is what happens when you fuck with people!!! People end up hurt. And of COURSE it's sweet Dimitri who never hurt anyone on purpose.

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Red Yum

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My birthday is on the 11th! I'll be 20! I am quite excited and I demand parties. I think now, as much as any, is a good time for parties. Is everyone on study time now? Can we be naughty and throw a Wednesday night party? What does everyone think?!
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